NT3 Steps (Why) different forms & each own styled

Video below shows how to style different forms individual.


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Why use different forms?

  1. More automated, when sent data to different funnels, services, CRM or email addresses
  2. time saving, when not sort emails and redirect them to the right person
  3. more specific, when asking the right questions

What i mean by that in examples?

  • You offer to give quotes
    Make sure your contact is in your price range by giving examples in a drop down
  • You offer to give appointments
    Ask what service they need
    What is their technical background
  • You offer to call them back
    Ask them questions to be prepared and your call is successful

Why style each Form (different)?

If the forms are in one page or nearby they need to be virtually different.
Visitors like to fill and submit forms which looks nice.
Amplify the goal of the form with the right colors and backgrounds.

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