Trouble shooting? Not working? Fastest way to get your form running

Please do before chatting with us!


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It will save you time and could solve your issue...

  1. Please check installed plugin version (latest see here)
  2. Please clean cache.
  3. Check PHP if 7.4+,
  4. Critical health issue (
  5. Deactivate plugins, use default theme to test
    See video below please how to do it without user see it on frontend

Sorry for your experience,
If issue is still there:

0. Please give us as much details as possible on your topic like
  • Browser console error message
  • Steps to reproduce
  • any special plugin, settings you are using
  1. Record a screencast with this free chrome Add-on
  2. If issue in frontend:
  • Clean cache
  • Do screencast when you are not logged in (like your attendees will do)
  • Test in an browser incognito window
  • Please also give a url, to a published webinar so we can test too

Best regards the WOW Styler Team

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